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Temperature Converter - Windows 98/XP program

BlueSparks Temperature Converter

Convert between every known temperature scale. Celsius, Fahrenheit, Rankine, Reaumur, and kelvin. As an added feature, you can optionally view the step by step conversion process.

This program is Donation-ware. Meaning you are free to use it as long as you wish, you don't have to register if you don't want to.

This program was made using the Microsoft .NET framework version 1.1

     [ Download Temperature Converter ]

AutoMiner - Windows 98/XP program

AutoMiner is a helper program for the MineSweeper game that comes with Microsoft Windows. AutoMiner helps you play MineSweeper by marking mines and uncovering the squares that are not mines.

AutoMiner's best times are: Beginner - 1 second, Intermediate - 1 second, Expert - 3 seconds.

This program was made using the MicroSoft .NET framework, and requires the Microsoft .NET runtime library to be installed on your computer. If you do not have the .NET runtime libraries, you can download them here.

Note: This only works for displays set at 16 bit color. If your display is set for higher or lower colors, you will need to create a new bluemine_data.bmp file. I currently only have the 16 bit color version available.

     [ Download AutoMiner ]

BugHunter - Windows DirectX game.

My first DirectX game. A side-scrolling, action, shoot-em-up.
Requires a computer running Windows 95/98/2000 and DirectX version 7 or 8.
     [ View ScreenShot ] [ Download Bughunter ]

The following files should be considered obsolete and will no longer be updated. The Perl and PHP scripts are several years old and should be considered insecure. I would not recommend using the scripts unless you are a coder familiar with the language who can update the scripts.

BlueChat - Perl CGI Script

BlueChat is a fast, free, web based chat program with many features. Color codes, smileys, actions, multiple channels, chat logging, and curse word filtering. Currently at version 2.4, no future versions planned. Works with both UNIX and Windows servers. Requires a server with Perl 4 or 5 installed.
      [ Download BlueChat ] [ Download smileys ]

DCForum, BlueChat integration
Dan Elder of Squad-Leader.com has submitted this file that allows webmasters of the popular DCForum software to use BlueChat without having to login again. I cannot provide support for this, having never used it myself.
     [ Download DCBlue ]

BlueSend - Perl CGI Script

BlueSend is a Tell-a-Friend script. A new window pops up so your user never leaves the page they were viewing. Can be used with either a text link, or an image. Currently at version 3, no future versions planned. Works only on UNIX based servers. Requires a server with Perl 4 or 5 installed, and Sendmail.

New version 3.1 includes security enhancements plus bug fixes.
     [ Download BlueSend ]

JavaScript Games

I found a couple FREEWARE JavaScript games you may place on your site. I did not create these games, I just modified them so they look nice, and are easy to install. These games will work on any server.
     [ Download Simon ]
     [ Download Pegs ]

Directory Path - PHP Script

Some scripts require knowing your server path to setup some variables. This is a simple script that prints out the server path to the directory it is in. Upload this file to the directory you need the path to, then just load it into your browser. Requires server running PHP.
     [ Download DirectoryPath ]

File Download License Agreement - PHP Script

This program simply displays a license agreement before letting the visitor download the file. It is what I use here. It is also useful because it allows you to keep all your downloadable files in the same directory. Requires server running PHP.
     [ Download File Downloader ]

Dink FrontEnd - Windows 95/98

This program was created for use with the Dink Smallwood game from RTSoft. The game allows people to create DMods (Dink Modules) which are new adventures for the game. This program is a front end for DMods, and was actually included with the game on the CD, which makes it my first shipped product. If you do not have the Dink Smallwood game, you'll have no use for this program. (The Dink Smallwood game is now FREEWARE, you can download it from RTSoft)
     [ Download Dink FrontEnd ]

Dink C Editor - Windows 95/98

Another program created for use with the Dink Smallwood game from RTSoft. This program is a text editor with special features for programming in DinkC. DinkC is a C style language for creating DMods for the Dink Smallwood game. If you are not interested in creating DMods for Dink Smallwood, then you probably don't want to download this program.
     [ Download Dink C Editor ]

Lunatix IGM Developer's Kit - Windows 95/98

I have done some work for the author of Lunatix Online, a great online multi-player RPG. The game allows add-ons, called IGMs (Inner Game Modules), which enhance the game world. I created the IGM Developer's Kit which allows programmers to easily create and test IGMs. This program doesn't have any use except for creating IGMs for Lunatix Online. If you are not a member, there is not much use in downloading it.
     [ Download Lunatix IGM Developer's Kit ] [ Download Visual Text Editor Plug-in ]
     [ Download Sample IGM ]

Lunatix Notepad - Windows 95/98

This is another program I wrote for Lunatix Online, a great online multi-player RPG. This program keeps track of many of the daily game options. It keeps you from having dozens of post-it notes cluttering up your computer to keep track of everything. If you are not a member of Lunatix Online, you probably wont find much use for it.
     [ Download Lunatix Notepad ]

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I have been asking people to link to me for using the free software I've created, which seems like a fair trade.

Even better, I've added a reciprocal links page. If you provide a link to me, I'll link back to you.
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Other Files

I have literally created hundreds upon hundreds of programs, utilities, applications, and games. I have written programs for DOS, OS/2, Win 95/98/NT, and Win CE, in many different languages, C++, Turbo Pascal, Delphi, and others.

It is just not feasible to list all of my programs here.

If you are looking for support for any of my other programs, just e-mail me. I can pretty much still remember the details for even my oldest programs.

I have a few old files listed here.